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We work to protect and defend LIFE and the value of each human being, unique and unrepeatable.

We focus our efforts on promoting personalized assistance to pregnant mothers or those with little children under their care, especially those who are in a situation of marginality, poverty and insecurity.

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Maternal Home for pregnant mothers and their little children


Occupational workshops that guarantee livelihood and social progress for mothers

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Mary, Mother of Life

we entrust to you the children that will be born

and those who will die before coming into the world.

The poor who are mistreated

and the older men and women

whom we let die alone.

Mary, our beloved Mother,

help us to defend the cause of Life

wherever we are

Let the Gospel of Life be announced

to all the world;

to see one day the end of the culture of death

and achieve together the Glory of God,

our Lord and Father of Life.


with the assistance of:

Fundación Summa Humanitate